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Superior gas fitting in Sydney

When you’re looking for gas fitting results that will last, trust your professional technicians at Expert Service Plumbing & Electrical. Specialising in repairs and installations for both residential and commercial gas systems, we can take on your job at any time of day.
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Benefits of switching to gas

Gas stoves are an increasingly popular option over electric stoves for several reasons. Not only do gas bills tend to be less expensive than electric bills, but gas appliances also control heat more easily and function independently of electricity.
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Appliances we install

We install all types of gas appliances, including gas stoves, heaters and hot water tanks. If your gas line is broken, we can also repair it quickly and efficiently.

Safety First

Sometimes plumbing disasters occur at inconvenient times. We try to stay one step ahead of the accidents by offering 24/7 support. Our team is constantly on standby to rush to your aid when you call in. We’re just as anxious to repair your plumbing as you are. 

Fit your gas right the first time. Give your local experts a call today to get started.

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